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LED Display Screen and cabinet test you understand it

Le 14 July 2015, 08:03 dans Humeurs 0

 Now, a lot of led display makers and products. Acquire LED screen(EN12966), customers frequently are going to the factory there for inspection, it can be essential to know the test led show cabinet typical information.


 How you can detect LED Screen:


 Testing general visual look and really feel it could initially be noticed irrespective of whether there's a trouble LED screen.


 Coating Adhesion: really should no off phenomenon.


 Screen Screen: Colour is consistency or colour cast on the phenomenon, the phenomenon is not even light.


 Screen look: screen content material ought to be clear, comprehensive, uniform color, no edges, defects, trailing, contamination; specifics of all printing, place(vms), design and style and font size, will probably be described in detail by the corresponding drawings, the manufacturer in strict accordance with the design drawings Requirements screen.


 Consistent colour and model (typical vision in natural light or fluorescent observation no colour), the identical batch of item and no colour (Note: colour, such as color and gloss); coating the surface smooth, flat, uniform surface shall have the following defects: quit back stick, granules, missed the end, pitting, blur, wrinkle, mechanical damage.


 The way to detect LED box:


 Initial, there are several strategies to detect the box, ordinarily utilized tools: calipers, tape measure, level ruler. Case testing requirements: inspectors must strictly stick to the designers drawing on the box one by a single incoming inspection, check for much less leakage machined components, box detection must note the following:


 LED cabinet Dimensions deviation is significantly less than 0.5mm, two diagonal distinction of not more than 1mm.


 Verify no matter(variable message sign) whether removing burrs, no matter if acute blunt down, will not let scratch hand, sting phenomenon.


 Nuts and nut every column must be processed by the back teeth to make sure smooth screw locked.


 LED cabinet test regardless of whether the needs of your whole assembly course of action by drawing truthfully, all accessories (such as locks, hinges) shall be made of existing standard components, will have to make sure that its mechanical strength and sealing functionality assembly.


 Every box has to be powerful welding welding, no Weld, weld and so on, should be polished welds, weld to become completed to scrape ash handling, remedy process should be rigorous standards. Waterproof seal weld should be polished, smooth no acute angle.


 Just after molding LED(speed limit sign) module hole punching and welding must assure flatness of your front, surrounded by the panel may not have warp, deformation, flatness error of less than 1MM; box front panel positioned tightly controlled pore size, pore size and pitch error of significantly less than 0.1mm; X, Y path from the bore axis ought to be set within the very same straight line, respectively, and are perpendicular towards the straight line ought to be the edge of the box, the vertical of significantly less than 1mm.

Affordable selection and preparing LED show mounting position

Le 13 July 2015, 05:18 dans Humeurs 0

 Initially, utilizing the program can automatically adjust brightness adjustment

 We understand that during the day and night, brightness variation distinct occasions and locations terrific environment, when the LED(variable message sign ) massive screen show brightness is greater than the ambient brightness play 60% of us naturally feel the eyes aren't suited, that brought on a human light pollution . Through outside brightness acquisition system, at any time in the acquisition with the ambient brightness. Display system-level control method by receiving broadcast data is automatically converted brightness for the atmosphere by means of application.

 Second, the multi-tone correction technologies

 8bit color display program utilizes ordinary show hierarchy, so in several of the low grayscale and color more than color stiff. Colored light can also bring about suited. The new LED big screen manage technique makes use of a 14bit color display hierarchy, much enhanced over the colour in hardness. In order that folks can really feel when watching the pastel colors. Prevent men and women light discomfort.

 Rational organizing Third, the installation position of rational selection and display location

 Angle viewing distance and viewing show area has an expertise arranging, when watching the show image analysis has certain design and style specifications distance and viewing angle. The style with the show must be probable to meet the design and style specifications, a affordable strategy.

 Actually, the subsequent handful of years, the domestic large-screen LED display industry is still in a growth trend, the main area for development will mainly come from standard printing, neon signs, billboards alternative markets, as well as high-definition, 3D(speed limit sign), intelligence, surveillance marketplace, road website traffic and other features high-end LED electronic show marketplace. So long as regulate trade order, display producers to improve the investigation and development level, improve their core competitiveness, as a way to goods to guide the market place demand, we will win a location inside the competitive market.

The way to make a true representation with the image color LED display

Le 10 July 2015, 05:27 dans Humeurs 0

Visual LED (EN12966)show principle is essentially precisely the same as colour Tv, but in addition through red, green, and blue colors of diverse intensity so as to accomplish the reduction in the image color reproduction. So the red, green and blue colour pure of a direct impact on the visual effect of colour reproduction. So how do you realize how the LED show towards the accurate representation from the image color it?

 First because of the restricted capability to distinguish people today of color, the image color reproduction authenticity there's an objective indicator. Towards the true representation from the image colour, LED display light distribution ought to meet some specifications on the following:

 four preferably four unit with white light;

 2 red, green, and blue gray level is preferably 256;

 2 red, green, and blue wavelengths are: 660nm, 525nm, 470nm;

 3 must be non-linear correction for LED pixel pipe;

 Second, the red, green and blue intensity ratio should be close to 3: 6: 1, but the premise is to ensure pure optical frequency;

 Third, since it is visually much more sensitive to red, so the red light source in the space to be dispersed distribution;

 Fourth, because the visual red, green, and blue light intensity can create different non-linear curve response, so unique light intensity white light to red, green and blue to be ?? correction;

 Fifth control program is usually implemented(vms) by hardware or software program utilised to show playback system. Red, green, and blue light and non-linear calibration.

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