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Note outdoor led display design and style of steel structures

Le 9 July 2015, 05:33 dans Humeurs 0

Outside and indoor installation led display(led traffic sign ) led show installation is unique, it is typically installed outdoor display is substantially a lot more prominent spot in the area is comparatively significant, so the installation of outdoor led display, there have to be steel support structure;

 Offered the analysis in a number of strategies: led display structure developed to take into account the integrity in the reliability, flatness, Screen, but additionally straightforward to set up;

 I. Effortless installation and upkeep: structure design and style requires to think about ease of installation and upkeep, for example the pit lane, off line channels, etc.

 Second, the reliability: the premise of steady structure, combined together with the actual situation, the force to balance the fulcrum, the structural capability should be greater than 20% by weight of your show itself;

 Third, integrity: led show screen structure in addition to the installation itself, but additionally involve other ancillary gear. Which include sound, exhaust fans, air conditioning, and so forth. placement, edging the region outside the structure, settings as well as other outdoor lightning facilities. Inside the initial design and style of the structure is necessary to consider these, making certain the good quality and utility of the premise, but in addition the shape on the display is gorgeous and comfy.

 Fourth, flatness: flatness directly have an effect on the smooth surface of your structure soon after the installation screen surface of the screen, to display the screen has a crucial effect. To ensure flatness need to complete the binding surface with the frame and mounting box with the show, for the duration of welding, to make sure flatness of welding.

Get more quality standards of EN12966 led display (variable message signs), you can learn more about Agape Technology. TEL:+86(0)755-23884258

SMD outside complete colour display good or great line

Le 8 July 2015, 05:15 dans Humeurs 0

Full-color surface mount technology has begun to enter the era of outdoor show applications, continued expansion of the market. But you can find nonetheless a lot of users have inquiries: Outdoor Full Color Display SMD and DIP any distinctive, which is much better and greater right here, which we do a straightforward comparison, to facilitate a much better understanding?.

Outdoor SMD Show Installation is straightforward

Outdoor SMD full-color show with respect towards the in-line items, improved reliability, enhanced productivity, additional importantly, cut down fees. Previously, the higher cost is not a substitute for surface-mount line of crucial factors. And R & D at the beginning, because the low-brightness SMD SMD, and waterproof, moisture, ultraviolet meet the requirements for harsh outside environments, so outdoor full color LED screen(variable message sign) is the line in the world, paste the complete color screen can only be applied indoors.

With advances in technology and LED LED chip packaging technology, SMD brightness and protection class has been able to meet the needs of outside applications, and relative towards the line, that is a better skill.

Outdoor SMD wide viewing angle, with a excellent light, excellent light mixing higher contrast. Outside SMD LED display horizontal and vertical directions with additional than 120 degree wide viewing angle, and brightness at any angle consistent with greater color show.

Moreover, since the design on the structure is triple, full-color surface mount small size, it is a small emitting area, a large black area, improve the contrast LED show. Three chips in close proximity, it is suitable for a closer look.

Compared to in-line show, outside surface-mount display Free Glue, product and much more light, easy and efficient installation.(vms) Suitable for leasing companies, car show, mobile media use; post installation or wall mount far more pressure to lower the screen body of steel structures.

Summary: SMD complete color LED show, viewing angle, with light and colour mixing effects, exquisite images, the brightness level is moderate, suitable for large-scale automated production. But the failure rate and the decay rate is higher, the ability to adapt towards the harsh environment in the hearing. But in terms of surface-mount color reproduction, color consistency, uniformity, viewing angle, the screen line displays the overall effects are unsurpassed features and advantages.

DIP LED full color show tightness

DIP LED full colour display, sealing, higher brightness, environmental adaptability, suitable for long-distance viewing. But the perspective of smaller, somewhat less uniform color, slightly much more complex production processes. Currently production line lights full colour show performance of all aspects on the general requirements isn't a problem.

So, outside full colour display table or line posted excellent very good? So these two customers in the selection screen, it should consider the budget, environmental requirements, etc., to choose the most appropriate solution is the best. The comparison of your author himself, is far more optimistic about the outside surface mount screen, the SMD LED show will be the best alternative outdoor line, this trend is far more and a lot more recognized by the industry, overcome technical difficulties to become competitive LED display(EN12966) enterprises hotspots.

Decryption: LED display cost is how composed

Le 7 July 2015, 05:36 dans Humeurs 0

For many non-professional customers, give distinct LED display enterprises face typically feel at a loss. In reality, if we are able to understand the composition LED display (en12966)offer you, we understand how to opt for.

1. Screen Cost

LED display by the show module, energy supply, casing, cable power line, of which, the module cost is high, its use of light beads, chips spread as well. Screen rates generally account for more than 70% in the overall give.

two. Control Program

LED complete colour display typically synchronized show program consisting of sending card, receiving cards. Outside display location of ??80 square meters or much less usually send a card, 40-50 Zhang received cards (two boxes a card). Indoor LED complete color mainly because larger pixel density and higher prices.

three. Accessories

Electronic show to (variable message sign)operate properly, you also will need lots of accessories, which include a laptop or computer (desktop computer system), air conditioning (heat), surge arresters, distribution cabinets, audio amplifier (optional), Tv card (optional), multi-function card (automatic adjust the physical data display temperature, brightness, humidity, and so forth.), video processor (optional) and so on. A big spread of unique brands of accessories, customers can get their own locally.

The steel structure

LED display calls for the steel to be fixed. In particular large-scale outside LED advertising display, for steel demand is very high. Second only towards the expense structure with the steel physique from the screen. Common outside wall-manufacturers custom steel prices in the 1200-1500 yuan / square meter, indoor LED screen wall-side by way of structural price about 600 yuan / square meter, Prime-mounted steel structure, column foundation costs reach 2000-2500 yuan / square meter.

5. Logistics and installation

Ultimately will be(vms) the transportation and installation expenses.

Understanding of these standard information, users in the face of various vendors, it could be a clear quotation, so some suppliers to lower or reduce prices cut down configuration mode.

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