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Principal school parents to vote for LED large screen advertising celebrate

Le 6 July 2015, 07:56 dans Humeurs 0

 "And Street Elementary College 2015 12 classes, graduation it!" The day before yesterday, around the pedestrian street Jiefangbei Golden Eagle center LED (led traffic sign)big screen scroll broadcast so the "loud" advertising. It's the parents inside the class collective graduation present offered to young children. For this celebration, the folks divided.

Passers-by stated he was fresh

LED large screen broadcast content material, furthermore to celebrating the graduation with the text, there are a few photos of children in the class, attracted passers-by have stopped to watch, and rapidly spread in the micro channel circle of mates.

Sign Ms. Qin mentioned: "I saw this ad inside the inside circle of pals, I guess it need to be the parents give their toddlers graduation present, since it referred only to a class, did not say the entire school."

This celebration of Miss Fang Shiqin graduation was the very first time for you to see, she felt incredibly fresh.

Jiefangbei pedestrian street promoting toys Chen stated that he also saw the ad the day before yesterday, initially thought it was the college place the recruitment advertisement. But a closer appear at just mention among the classes. "Now the dolls would be the parents on the baby, so I wanted to give toddlers a memorable graduation present, is also not unusual."

Wang Jiefangbei function in fantastic faith, said: "I saw this ad, was kind adequate to discuss a good deal of our colleagues really feel wanderers graduate, entered a brand new phase, a cause for celebration nevertheless it doesn't need to use this way. , simply because the cash has been spent, not any wisdom to provide practical which means, not as wanderers out playing around with long practical experience points. "

Parents place the organization(VMS)

Chongqing Morning News reporters Tong Guo and Dai Ligai LED screen advertising company learned that operating the ad is indeed the children's parents, many times to make contact with the corporation staff, parents reluctant to sound. It is actually understood that this LED big screen 1 day is 15 seconds marketing prices for 6000 yuan, rolling broadcast about 300 times. Subsequently, the reporter to confirm the matter and Street Elementary College. College staff said that the video is within the class PTA parents organization place ahead of the school didn't know, and hence will not belong to the school behavior. The school also was happy for the youngsters graduate about to enter a new stage, but for the parents of such a high-profile celebration of reservations.

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2015 LED show applications depth evaluation

Le 3 July 2015, 05:13 dans Humeurs 0

At present, LED show(EN12966) inside the outdoor marketing, stage rental along with other classic applications business has developed extra mature, becoming much more and much more solution homogeneity, lack of development possible. In order to open a brand new blue ocean marketplace and broaden the scope of application of LED display, several enterprises within the micro-innovation, to be able to comply together with the new application locations. In the identical time, technological advances in the industry chain and supporting vendors, for instance smaller size of lamp beads, more strong handle method, but additionally to the LED show field could be applied prior to the market place can not be applied. Here you take stock of what 2015 application trend LED show to determine what has already broken or about to break out inside the application market place.

Nonetheless common applications

Hospitality sector

From final year to this year, the hotel market includes a clear trend: far more and much more providers to open annual meeting, conference, thanked the meeting venue will wait set time will now ask the hotel venue if there is LED show, if any, will be priority Consider these venues; LED show due to the high expenses of complications with a handful of common hotel venue, even if the high-star hotel with only 10% with the hotel, so if a customer meeting usually decide on to utilize LED screen rental organization temporarily installed. With the increasing use of LED display frequency, but in addition count on higher returns, if they could reduce the usage of the threshold, there might be an growing quantity of high-star hotel in the shop using the intention of fixed installation LED show.

In the LED display manufacturing businesses here, there are currently producers to explore the promotion of leasing in the hotel. This mode is to enter the four-star and five-star hotels, which show products to provide the hotel for free (for conferences and weddings and other scenes using non-traditional advertising screen) industry speedily spread via the screen into charge (50 %) reflux money costs, money fees of about a year to recover. As soon as the hotel reaches a particular magnitude, when pre-advertising push will return as well as the hotel is divided into (a pattern related to preceding films patch cinema marketing), concurrently leasing and advertising operations. We are able to see the hotel rental business model in the Online has profound considering, by way of transfer payments and cross compensation, minimizing user charges, the final kind of the long tail impact get large targeted traffic.

The monetary sector

With all the gradual boost in monetary assets of our society, the demand for financial solutions has been obtained from the interest and safety of savings to spend for development, settlement, foreign exchange trading, temporary overdraft, loan financing, investment management and wealth management, and comprehensive round, multi-level solutions. From the predicament in created countries, the commercial banks to a particular stage of improvement, monetary services will rise as a major business enterprise areas. For customer-oriented economic services, provide timely and correct financial data, LED display supplier excellent grasp of industry opportunities, giving a LED digital display, LED dot matrix show, LED door couch show, LED marketing screen, LED screen network manage and other goods to meet the requirements with the monetary sector to foreign exchange rates, interest rate data, fund data and economic advertising and promotional display. Following is usually a short introduction in which the LED full colour show applications in the financial business.

LED display also exist in other applications inside the financial sector, including ACD and electronic back-boxes and other economic electronic products, usually utilized within the display-related information, that the item provides a more customized service functions. Using the additional development from the monetary sector, related to LED display products also continues to introduce new being.

Entertainment and cultural areas

LED show applications in the entertainment and cultural industries was the majority of the stage, party along with other background led the significant screen, it could be broadcast live on-site and replay, breaking the seat restrictions, so far in the stage, the audience can clearly see on the stage performances, creating a magnificent, highly infectious atmosphere, combined with high quality sound, giving an ideal visual feast. The principle application places have evening concert, event, theater theater, television, along with other high-end entertainment.

Sports field

I believe the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games principal stadium led show gave us impress it, the function of stadiums led the big screen playing the game is a great picture, slow motion playback, precise lens show, sports score details and athletes presentation, and broadcast commercials. Which has develop into the slow-motion playback referee make the proper selection according to, let the audience really feel the game fair, just and reduce unnecessary conflict. The key application places have led fence screen football field, basketball hall funnel LED screen, LED swimming Athletics Hall timed scoring screen, as well as a variety of sports venues wall or column of LED display.

The transport sector

Within the busy streets or on both sides with the highway intersection, are going to be the establishment of a traffic guidance LED display, these displays are generally controlled by a unified control center, in conjunction with other targeted traffic monitoring gear, automatic display according to targeted traffic flow or site visitors congestion information and facts, alternatives for travelers Most do good route to reference. Also has a display weather, website traffic regulations, to remind drivers to drive safely, and has the impact of signpost. The main application locations have the city's primary roads, road density lots, highways as well as other areas.

Applications of your new outbreak

A unique place in the field

Creative LED screen unique places. Now generally just about every city has museums, science museums along with other places, and together with the high-tech products LED show are closely linked. Such as Science and Technology Museum globe, usually applying a spherical LED show, not merely can dynamically show the Earth landforms, but also demonstrate the evolution in the Earth's history, not merely can play the function of a very good education, but also can play a decorative effect, can be a best function of art. Currently Creative LED screen LED spherical screen museums, science museums and LED Cube LED spirochetes, Children's Palace Creative LED screen, LED SkyCity drum screens.

Theme park areas

2015, Time Warner and DreamWorks announced that it'll jointly invested 20 million yuan in Zhuhai to develop an region of ??ten square kilometers of the world's biggest theme park. Hence, currently OCT method, lengthy extended lines and Hong Kong Disneyland theme park as a representative of South China industry will undoubtedly usher in extra intense competition.

Domestic large-scale theme park building boom for the tourism business into an enormous financial flows, but also for the LED show sector dug an enormous gold mine. As outdoor show regions of traditional strengths goods, LED show with high brightness, low energy consumption, no patchwork, lengthy life, is usually any shape, along with other positive aspects, come to be exhibitions, theme parks show the darling on the device. In recent years, driven by a little spacing technologies, touch technologies, 3D display technologies, LED show not just sharper and much more detailed pictures in outside places, to achieve richer interaction capabilities. Inside the application the halls, which include dispatching as well as has fantastic prospects, LED display is expected to grow to be the preferred indoor theme pavilion large-screen display devices.

Mobile Applications

Mobile application market place, refers towards the LED display mounted around the moving support - transport, for instance automobiles, boats and yachts. This installation and basic use with the atmosphere is extremely diverse from outdoor show, the display screen also made far more extra needs.

In current years, a range of sizes escalating outside true column, you might want to setup a short-term outside shooting little stage as a tv screen background. When the conventional static boards can not meet the needs of your plan group content material out there to swiftly setup and have exceptional outdoor display mobile displays on provoked the beam. The Car LED show features a pretty high flexibility, enabling handy long-distance transport, and may simply and rapidly setup an outdoor stage background, which in recent years has been a great deal of use in quite a few outdoor real column.

However, China's tourism improvement has also led towards the rise of connected manufacturing, creating such a large cruise ship is also accelerating, LED display as a symbol of loads of high-end luxury cruise service. LED screen attached for the ship normally higher protection created to withstand outdoor, surface of harsh environments. And because the ship is typically in open water, the extra the developing is secured to improved visibility. Plus the screen together with the movement on the ship can reach far more places, the coverage of a wider dissemination of information and facts, so also to use for a cruise ship entertainment shows, but in addition be employed for commercial advertising purposes.

Military sphere

Together with the improvement of military data technology, details power has become a brand new growth point of military power, an effective command and manage has come to be a important to defeating the enemy army. Because of this, at all levels of command authority must adhere to the trend, with regards to information technologies continue to raise efforts considerably contributed towards the military command of info technology improvement. Future military building will likely be increasingly combined with contemporary indicates of facts. The large screen show technology innovations for details technology units injected fresh blood.

Advanced digital display technology, the show application unit seamless splicing technologies, multi-screen image processing, signal switching technology, network technology as well as other technological implies integrated as one, intuitive, real-time, complete, swift to put a variety of sorts of data, image data, strategic place map and site conditions actually amplify show flexibility to(VMS) attain military exercises, complicated functions operational command, choice support, organized military training, video conferencing, real-time monitoring in one particular, considerably promoted the military info visualization, intelligent technology to enhance the efficiency and modernization from the armed forces combat capability.

Within the army in every day education and operational command, information visualization occupy a very vital position. Vast amounts of info in real-time graphical representation of large screen show technique for decision-making delivers a robust support for the command to supply fast and effective communication and feedback. In current years, tiny pitch LED show technologies matures and gains and more and much more employed in military construction.

Video conferencing

Modern corporate meeting space, in particular for significant enterprises massive video conference rooms, undertaken not just meeting, employees training as well as other internal functions, but also shoulder the consumer reception, small business negotiations and also other external communications functions, which straight affect the corporate image design and style Hence, company investment will spare no work, no doubt common application results-oriented. This smaller pitch LED display applications to market the formation of a hugely unified supply and demand.

Because of technologies maturity, in recent years, while the price of video conferencing continue to drop, on the other hand, for many corporations, continues to be plenty of revenue to invest, in the "good horse using a good saddle" style philosophy, corresponding conference space facilities naturally have "tall on", hence, video conferencing systems favored by modest pitch LED (variable message sign)show terminal display, not just the practical applications of necessity, but also business enterprise by hardware facilities to improve the image with the inevitable. It really is this extreme on the pursuit, as a small pitch LED display provides an excellent opportunity to enter the meeting area.

LED screen debut Ginseng Trading Platform

Le 2 July 2015, 08:12 dans Humeurs 0

P5 indoor led screen(variable message sign) debut Ginseng electronic trading platform. This led displays have been installed Ginseng trading hall positioned in central and good wall exactly where the center of 4 20 square LED screen composed of a bucket-type screen, providing multi-view show real-time data for electronic trading center ginseng. Electronic trading center full use of the newest technologies, high-quality electronic media, to additional enhance the trade information service, supplying precise real-time dynamic data is shown as ginseng trade.

Clients chose this product, which can be valued at P5 indoor LED display years of production expertise, superb solution top quality and numerous well-known classic case, particularly when it comes to real goods and technical method maturity. Buyers demanding quality with the screen, so the company for the project from the initial style to production to do a series of analytical and preparatory operate, such as the use of LED chips, power supply is equipped with, also as the configuration from the program using a vibrant correction function.

Also towards the middle with the trade center LED screen(vms) composed of four bucket-type screen, too as hand P5 indoor HD LED show mounted around the side wall. This 5 led display, lights up after the results, showing a higher contrast, color, brightness, colour consistency and higher, constant with its exclusive high-quality display of praise Trade Center plus the construction of units, and quickly passed inspection.

Ginseng Co., Ltd. electronic trading platform, the trading platform can resolve ginseng cultivation course of action high quality tracking and monitoring complications and guarantee the good quality of ginseng trade electronic trading platform; you could transform the previous, single, original sales model, electronic transactions to achieve ginseng ; by financing and order financing pledge of warehouse receipts, you'll be able to resolve the ginseng industry chain funding shortfall.

In current years, led full color display as effective communication inside the carrier, has turn into a crucial spot for a range of show devices critical to supply sturdy support for the information and facts, marketing(EN12966), dissemination of those locations.

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