Initially, utilizing the program can automatically adjust brightness adjustment

 We understand that during the day and night, brightness variation distinct occasions and locations terrific environment, when the LED(variable message sign ) massive screen show brightness is greater than the ambient brightness play 60% of us naturally feel the eyes aren't suited, that brought on a human light pollution . Through outside brightness acquisition system, at any time in the acquisition with the ambient brightness. Display system-level control method by receiving broadcast data is automatically converted brightness for the atmosphere by means of application.

 Second, the multi-tone correction technologies

 8bit color display program utilizes ordinary show hierarchy, so in several of the low grayscale and color more than color stiff. Colored light can also bring about suited. The new LED big screen manage technique makes use of a 14bit color display hierarchy, much enhanced over the colour in hardness. In order that folks can really feel when watching the pastel colors. Prevent men and women light discomfort.

 Rational organizing Third, the installation position of rational selection and display location

 Angle viewing distance and viewing show area has an expertise arranging, when watching the show image analysis has certain design and style specifications distance and viewing angle. The style with the show must be probable to meet the design and style specifications, a affordable strategy.

 Actually, the subsequent handful of years, the domestic large-screen LED display industry is still in a growth trend, the main area for development will mainly come from standard printing, neon signs, billboards alternative markets, as well as high-definition, 3D(speed limit sign), intelligence, surveillance marketplace, road website traffic and other features high-end LED electronic show marketplace. So long as regulate trade order, display producers to improve the investigation and development level, improve their core competitiveness, as a way to goods to guide the market place demand, we will win a location inside the competitive market.