Outside and indoor installation led display(led traffic sign ) led show installation is unique, it is typically installed outdoor display is substantially a lot more prominent spot in the area is comparatively significant, so the installation of outdoor led display, there have to be steel support structure;

 Offered the analysis in a number of strategies: led display structure developed to take into account the integrity in the reliability, flatness, Screen, but additionally straightforward to set up;

 I. Effortless installation and upkeep: structure design and style requires to think about ease of installation and upkeep, for example the pit lane, off line channels, etc.

 Second, the reliability: the premise of steady structure, combined together with the actual situation, the force to balance the fulcrum, the structural capability should be greater than 20% by weight of your show itself;

 Third, integrity: led show screen structure in addition to the installation itself, but additionally involve other ancillary gear. Which include sound, exhaust fans, air conditioning, and so forth. placement, edging the region outside the structure, settings as well as other outdoor lightning facilities. Inside the initial design and style of the structure is necessary to consider these, making certain the good quality and utility of the premise, but in addition the shape on the display is gorgeous and comfy.

 Fourth, flatness: flatness directly have an effect on the smooth surface of your structure soon after the installation screen surface of the screen, to display the screen has a crucial effect. To ensure flatness need to complete the binding surface with the frame and mounting box with the show, for the duration of welding, to make sure flatness of welding.

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