Visual LED (EN12966)show principle is essentially precisely the same as colour Tv, but in addition through red, green, and blue colors of diverse intensity so as to accomplish the reduction in the image color reproduction. So the red, green and blue colour pure of a direct impact on the visual effect of colour reproduction. So how do you realize how the LED show towards the accurate representation from the image color it?

 First because of the restricted capability to distinguish people today of color, the image color reproduction authenticity there's an objective indicator. Towards the true representation from the image colour, LED display light distribution ought to meet some specifications on the following:

 four preferably four unit with white light;

 2 red, green, and blue gray level is preferably 256;

 2 red, green, and blue wavelengths are: 660nm, 525nm, 470nm;

 3 must be non-linear correction for LED pixel pipe;

 Second, the red, green and blue intensity ratio should be close to 3: 6: 1, but the premise is to ensure pure optical frequency;

 Third, since it is visually much more sensitive to red, so the red light source in the space to be dispersed distribution;

 Fourth, because the visual red, green, and blue light intensity can create different non-linear curve response, so unique light intensity white light to red, green and blue to be ?? correction;

 Fifth control program is usually implemented(vms) by hardware or software program utilised to show playback system. Red, green, and blue light and non-linear calibration.